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Animation, illustration and web/interactive design.



Title: Animation screenshots Used for: Client – RingGo


Title: Character turnarounds Used for: Model sheets for animation production


Title: Production artwork Used for: Client – The GUTS Challenge


Title: Drawing a systems map

Created for: T220

Title: What are spray diagrams?

Created for: T220

Title: Drawing a multiple cause diagram

Created for: T220

Title: Political citizenship: the political nature of everyday life

Created for: D113

Title: S390 welcome animation

Created for: S390

Title: Redesigning Production — Curriculum Asset Management

Created for: Foundations Programme

Title: The Sweet Shop

Created for: W230

Title: Benefits Beyond Exchange

Created for: RCI. Product educational video

Title: Your Career Planning Adventure

Created for: RCI: Internal promotional video for a ‘career planning tool’

Title: The GUTS Challenge

Created for: The GUTS Challenge. Promotional charity video (partial)

Title: The Way We Were

Used for: Robin Mills, RCI. Animation to support keynote speech at a conference.

Title: Join RCI

Created for: RCI. Promotional video showcasing UGC content.

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